The 13th Annual W!LD RICE Charity Gala, Singapore’s most highly-anticipated social event.

Hublot was the proud Presenting Sponsor to ‘Night Safari’ the 13th Annual Charity Gala dinner put together by the creative assemblage at W!LD Rice for the third year running on the 3rd of October 2014 at the grand Island Ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel.

hublot fashionThe charity gala takes Singapore’s iconic “NIGHT SAFARI” as its inspiration and was an evening sizzling with the thrills and wonders of the great outdoors. This goes perfectly with Hublot’s audacious collection of timepieces that draw imaginativeness from seductive mother nature with distinct wild animal prints, befitting the W!LDest ball of the year.

luxeday hublot price An impressive turnout of 700 guests which included some of society’s finest, they were treated to a visual feast of Hublot’s signature timepieces. To go along with the Night Safari theme, Hublot showcased the Leopard Bang, Boa Bang and Zebra Bang – the brand’s signature Big Bang series updated with distinct wild animal prints drawing inspiration from wildlife and seductive Mother Nature, thereby cementing Hublot’s status as the leading alchemist of luxury watches. Alongside these inspired timepieces, Hublot also presented the Million-Dollar Bang, an exquisite timepiece presented in a refined 38-mm case set with a total of 880 baguette diamonds, adding that extra shine and glimmer to the evening’s extravagance.

“Our symbiotic affiliation with W!LD Rice began 3 years ago, and we found in common our roots in pioneering breakthroughs each in our own respective fields. Hublot is all about bridging tradition with innovation, creating modern timepieces while staying true to traditional watchmaking craftsmanship. In a similar disposition, W!LD RICE continues to be tenacious in their pursuit of artistic perfection in the world of performance. We would like to continue to express our patronage to the local arts community that W!LD RICE has so capably built over the last 14 years,” says Mr Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

luxeday hublot watches

A signature moment within the evening’s programme, top Singaporean designer, Mr Frederick Lee, stuns the crowd once again with his runway collection of sartorial gowns paired elegantly with some of Hublot’s finest timepieces and in so doing, unsheathes the luxury watch brand’s brilliance and boldness.