– By Naïke Bravo.




Looking for a new fragrance? Search no longer as February has seen the launch of two iconic-to-be fragrances: Poison Girl from Dior and Rosa Excelsa from Dolce & Gabbana.




If you’ve been following the brands on social media, you could not escape all the teasing released during the first weeks of january. Dior shared mysterious pictures of the poison girl whereas Dolce & Gabbana shared on its website short clips of the upcoming video, such as “Part 1: La Rinascita”, and promoted them on social media.




What about the videos themselves? Poison Girl has rock modern vibes, featuring Camille Rowe playing a rebel, sexy and playful girl. Rosa Excelsa presents Dolce & Gabbana’s favorite: family, italy and romance. Sophia Loren rebuilds an old house with the help of young beautiful men. Once the work is over, she hosts a party where one young man offers a rose to a young woman (supposedly the “Rosa Excelsa”). She puts on herself some drops of water left on the rose. She then offers it to Sophia Loren, making the fragrance a transgenerational fragrance.

Both perfumes put the emphasis on rose. Poison Girl rocks some orange and rose notes. Rosa Excelsa adds to the Turkish Rose the exclusive African Dog Rose for a perfect capture of the essence of rose.

Which one are you falling for?