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Who Are We? 

Created in 2016, LUXEDAY is a chic aesthetic concept store born online.
The LUXEDAY community was first born on Instagram with an account which has amassed a large following since 2013.
Yet, above all, LUXEDAY is the fruit of a deeply passion for fashion, travel and luxury.
It's the story of a young woman, Sandra C, born in Geneva, with a background in Digital Marketing. After working for many years for Swiss watchmaking luxury brands, she wanted, parallel to her job, to create her own space full of freedom, creativity and in line with her own values.
This, all made possible by the magic and freedom of the internet, and the infinite possibilities that such a tool could provide.
After traveling the globe, we quickly realized there was an abundance of beautifully curated pieces we needed to share. We've since established partnerships in Bali, Bolivia, USA, Italy, Spain, Singapore, China and India.
We've sourced far and wide for the best designs.
We sell only what we love and wear.

Our philosophy

What's our vision of a "luxe day"?
For us, luxury is not about buying expensive things; it's about living in a way where you appreciate things. The name "LUXEDAY" is the link between the dreamy world of luxury and the simple pleasure of life.

Our Story

"LUXEDAY is nothing other than an extension of my personal story. This, all made possible by the magic and freedom of the internet."
Sandra C.
Founder of LUXEDAY